rodya’s transition and escape out of russia fund

Hello! My name is Rodya, I’m an 18 year old nonbinary trans girl (they/she) living in Moscow, Russia. Clearly, growing up in an oppressive violent state while also being marginalized, ostracized and struggling with discovering my gender identity without really having resources to explore it or a support system to help me throughout the way has been a challenge and has left me mentally scarred, fragile and without much energy to function. So I’m asking for help as I’m unable to get the money elsewhere and these funds are crucial for my existence - gender dysphoria and living in a very transphobic environment are both things that can be fixed or alleviated and transitioning + immigrating would help me get on track start a normal, fulfilling life - what I’m going through now feels like mere survival. Anyway, on a more practical note, $2000 of the money I’m looking to raise would go to funding laser hair removal sessions, a medical commission that would give me permission to change my gender marker in my ID, booking an HRT (hormone replacement therapy) appointment with a trans friendly endocrinologist and buying the hormonal medication itself. The rest is more indefinite and I might raise the amount once I figure things out but basically, these funds would go towards me seeking political asylum in the USA, Canada or Europe and surviving there for the first few months while I wait for a work permit and look for a job. Love and warmth!
  • Miles Breitkreuz 
    • €15 
    • il y a 9 j
  • Rohin Alexander 
    • €20 
    • il y a 19 j
  • Anonyme 
    • €30 
    • il y a 19 j
  • Anonyme 
    • €50 
    • il y a 20 j
  • Milton Rosenbaum 
    • €10 
    • il y a 20 j
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