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In 2018, we took a leap of faith, quit our jobs, sold almost everything we owned, and used every penny of our life savings to move to France and buy a small restaurant. It was a dream come true, until the coronavirus hit. The aid available in France was woefully inadequate for the first 8 months, even though we have been under an indoor dining closure order for most of the last year and tourism has dropped by as much as 95%. We fell further and further behind until finally at the beginning of November the government introduced a new aid scheme to provide a much more significant amount of help.  Unfortunately, at the same time, the speed of payments slowed down dramatically and we have only been paid for November, when we had no reserves left. December still shows that it is processing, and applications for January won’t open until February 24 at the earliest. We are selling what we can (the terrace heaters, one of the restaurant salamanders, etc.), but at this point we have about $250 left for grocery money. The mortgage on our house, our car payment, utilities, and everything else are behind and the landlord for the restaurant has begun eviction proceedings. I have never been on public assistance in my life, and I realize that we are infinitely more fortunate than most people in the world, especially in the middle of the pandemic, so it is very difficult to put this out there. But if you would like to help save our little restaurant, we would be very grateful for the help. 

Rachel & Dominik

  • Anonyme 
    • €300 
    • il y a 1 h
  • Danielle Jurk 
    • €30 
    • il y a 1 h
  • Marianne Butler 
    • €50 
    • il y a 9 h
  • Anonyme 
    • €100 
    • il y a 19 h
    • €10 
    • il y a 1 j
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Rachel Self Howard 
Pralognan-la-Vanoise, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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