Help me release my EP

Please take time to read and understand why I'm setting up this Gofundme page

I set about a mission this year to write, record and release my first ever EP, with songs that mean a lot to me, new songs, new ideas, new recording techniques and inspiration, A lot of work has gone into the EP and a lot of you know how much of a dream this is for me, a sense of absolute personal achievement with the hope of others enjoying my music too.

But due to my job being cancelled this year, I've been running on steam for a while now, unfortunately that steam has come to an end, I can't afford to pay the distributer company the fee to release anymore music, and other financial issues has forced me to consider selling my musical equipment also to achieve the simple goal of finishing my mission for 2020 and release my EP!

My singles have had a lot of Radio play, an increase of interest from listeners, followers and online comments. my stats are increasing and getting lifted by spotify playlists, the momentum is here, right now...

I'm fully aware that this year has been hard for everyone and its hard for me to set this page up, but I want to realise my goal and not have to sell the objects in my life that give me so much pleasure.

anyone that donates I will think of a way to thank you, with a dedication on the EP somehow, or a personal radio message, Im not sure yet... any ideas are welcome.

I hope you all understand, and I thank anyone who can donate in advance with an open heart.
  • Kat Nolan 
    • 20 € 
    • il y a 8 mois
  • Joyce Bush 
    • 5 € 
    • il y a 8 mois
  • Sarah Newsome  
    • 10 € 
    • il y a 8 mois
  • the globe 
    • 75 € 
    • il y a 8 mois
  • Robin Barham 
    • 50 € 
    • il y a 8 mois
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Daniel Jones 
Aubaine (Côte-d'Or), France
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