Covid-19 Appeal for WATU Tanzania Teachers

As students of La Châtaigneraie, we are appealing to you all on the behalf of  WATU Secondary School in Tanzania, a small NGO whose mission is to offer young people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to realise their academic potential. 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent worldwide lockdown, schools such as WATU Secondary have been forced to close with no government compensation. Not only have these underprivileged students lost their access to an education, but the teachers have lost their only source of income leaving them and their families with no money to maintain themselves.

As long term partners and supporters of the WATU school we have received updates of how dire their situation has become; unable to pay salaries in March, April and possibly May and June if the situation continues as it is. We realise that for the students’ education to continue at WATU post Covid-19, the basic living needs of teachers must be protected and met now. 

We have therefore created this GoFundMe Page to help these struggling teachers and their families and we are reaching out to you for your support. 

Our fundraising target is at an ambitious 6700USD; to cover the salaries of 14 teachers for just one month.However we are hoping to raise even more to cover salaries for another 3 months until the school is able to reopen, whether this be in general donations or via specific sponsorship of teachers. 

Will you join us in our effort? Your help will be so very much appreciated both here in Geneva, and throughout the local community in Tanzania. 

Please watch the short clip below to learn more about how Covid-19 has affected the teachers at WATU: 

More information about WATU school can be found at this website:
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