St Vincent Volcano Emergency Relief fund


If you have ever been amazed by the beauty of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and the smile of the Vincentian people and you want to help them after the recent enormous volcanic explosion, read below and I will personally make sure that your donations are put to the best use.

I have created this go fund me to give everyone abroad the opportunity to help with a donation that will be transformed into action and make a difference to the people in need.


Friday 9th of April at 8:41am the beautiful island nation of St.Vincent and the Grenadines in the South Caribbean was waking up to the massive explosive eruption of the Soufrière Volcano located at the north part of the island.

The Volcano exploded three times on this day sending ashes up to 22,000  Feet high with high winds taking the ash all the way to the neighbor island of Barbados and also the Grenadine islands.

At the moment we do not know for how long the volcano will continue erupting, it could remain active and continue exploding for days or weeks.

Luckily most of the inhabitants of the red zones near the volcano had been evacuated and relocated to shelters on the south part of the island.

On the second day of the explosive eruption the ashes have covered the whole island nation of St.Vincent already hit very hard economically because of the COVID crisis. 


The water has been cut throughout the whole island and we believe most of the water supplies might have been contaminated by the ash falling down.

Some areas have been covered by the cloud of ash turning daylight into pitch black night time.

Thousands of people certainly lost their homes or villages for ever and some will certainly have to be permanently relocated. The incredible amount of ash falling collapsed some roofs and some houses will need to be rebuilt.

As they are located on an island there is nowhere else to go, everyone will have to get involved and participate in the huge clean up effort that seems impossible to tackle.


We are planning on using your donations for:

- Helping the thousands of people who maybe lost their homes or villages for ever.

- Help with the general clean up process (importation of material etc)

- First necessity purchases and food items for everyone housed in all the shelters

- Helping government agencies, recognized and vetted non-profit organizations with donations 

All donations sent through this account will be directly handled by myself and every dollar spent will be accounted for in future updates.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, every donation will help the people of St.Vincent and The Grenadines.

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