Help Anya fight acute myeloid leukemia

Please we need urgent help. We have 1.5 months before bone marrow transplantation.

About my little sister Anya.

My little sister was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia a year ago and she is fighting it with all her strength. She needs a bone marrow transplatation abroad very soon.


Please read below about her from the words of our father.

''Our long-awaited daughter Anya Kungurtseva, 9 years old, was born on July 5, 2011. Father, 61 years old, worked as a pediatric cardiac surgeon for 25 years in Children's City Hospital No. 1 (where Anechka is now receiving chemotherapy), then at the Almazov National Medical Research Center and now he is retired. Mother, 46 years old, economist.


The girl grew up as an absolutely healthy child. Doctors have never been consulted. Very obedient, kind and sympathetic child. She always helped us with her younger sister Dasha (she is 8 years old). She developed well, was smart and at the age of 5-6 she could already read, write and count. Before school she studied at the children's development centers “Baby Club” and “Artbook”. At the age of 7 she went to school. She studied very well and perfectly remembered all the material. Anechka has an excellent ear for music. From the age of 6 she was playing the piano at the Sviridov music school. Then with a private teacher. Participated in children's competitions. She even interviewed the famous pianist Alexander Yakovlev. Anechka has a humanitarian mindset. She draws very well. She wrote a short story about boys and a dragon and a review of the play "My grandfather was a cherry." Everything was amazing.

But, suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, at the end of May 2020, the diagnosis was made: myeloid leukemia. From June to October she was in the Children's City Hospital No. 1 and received 3 courses of chemotherapy. Doctors brought her into remission. She felt good, was cheerful, went to school, played with her friends.

After 4 months of a prosperous life, the second blow of fate. Recurrence of leukemia. It progressed pretty quickly. Three times she was in various hospitals of the city with bleeding and infectious problems. 25 May 2021 she was hospitalized and brought to the intensive care unit of the Children's City Hospital No. 1 with necrotizing sore throat, necrotic foci on the face and sepsis. Was on the verge of life and death. The doctors managed to save her and transferred her to the department of oncohemology. Everything is repeated to the exact same detail as last year. Anya is in the same ward, in the same room, at the same time. Vicious circle. After recovery from sepsis, chemotherapy has started. Then bone marrow transplantation needs to happen fast (strongly recommended). The procedure is complicated, difficult to tolerate, you can die and it does not guarantee against relapse. The success rate is only 50%. But there is no other way out. Without this treatment Anya will die. We do not have the financial ability to sponsor such an expensive treatment. Please, a big request to help save our beloved daughter Anechka.''

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