Help Liva restore the farm cottage

Hi, I'm Liva. I'm restoring a 17th century farm in France's Loire Valley and intend to host retreats here. Having known homelessness as a little girl, this is beyond a dream come true. I'm doing everything myself or with the help of two friends. That's it. The place is composed of several buildings as it used to be a hamlet in the 18th century (I have documentation!).

We have started working on this derelict but sweet little cottage that sits on the property. It's most likely the oldest building. It needs a lot of TLC. We have removed most of the junk that was in there and now that we have been to the attic, we realized that there had been a fire because all the roof beams are burned. This is blowing the budget so I need help to bring this to life again. 

We need to

- entirely rebuild the side that has collapsed;
- make openings to let light in as it is really really dark inside;
- redo the roof and gutters; insulate the walls;
- bring down the existing floors of the upper level to relieve the beams from the heavy weight of the old material;
- tighten and hold the walls together with crosses and bars (very common in the region); and of course, create the whole plumbing and electric installations.
- To do all this, I also need to rent heavy duty machinery and tools. I'm borrowing the rest from neighbors and friends. 

It's a gigantic undertaking that won't be possible without your help, that's why I'm grateful in advance for your support, there is no donation too small (or too big!) and all are welcome. 

I'll be documenting the journey on instagram at @lafermederce if you want to follow. I'm happy to answer all questions you might have and also welcome volunteers if you feel like it! 

I want you to know me so I'll also be sharing links to my personal story as they become available. I'm a serial survivor who now helps others on their paths to personal growth. 


  • Deborah McKnight 
    • €50 
    • il y a 8 j
  • Stéphanie Montreuil 
    • €50 
    • il y a 10 j
  • JoAnn Orr-Luceri 
    • €25 
    • il y a 11 j
  • Michelle Lowe 
    • €10 
    • il y a 11 j
  • Natasha Tupper 
    • €25 
    • il y a 15 j
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Liva Judic 
Assay (Indre-et-Loire), France
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