Help Suzanne White put a chair lift on her stairs

Hello,  I am American and an author of books. I am 82 years old. I am not rich. But I live  comfortably for a modest rent in a small city in Provence.  The lovely  apartment I inhabit is in an old mansion (1870) right in town, convenient to shops and buses. I love where I live. High ceilings and marble fireplaces with modern heating and lots of space to receive guests. The hitch is that I live one flight up and my old legs no longer want me carrying things - groceries, purchases, packages etc - up the 22 steps to my house. Once I realized how not being able to climb stairs represented a real handicap which put the brakes on my life. I was getting sadder and sadder. Of course friends would help me lift and carry. But I do not like to impose on them. Then I saw an ad on TV for a chair lift up-the-steps device.  A little while later I got to thinking seriously about that elevator solution. I asked my young landlord if he would allow me to put in a chair elevator. He said yes of course. Then I invited different experts for estimates. The best of the companies (Stannah) sent a representative.  He spent 2 hours measuring and offering different solutions. We agreed on a model. He  sent me the estimate  for $15,000 plus labor and installation. I nearly fainted. I knew I would never have enough money to install the lift and worse than that, without it, I would have to move to a smaller, less beautiful  apartment.  I mentioned my problem to a friend. She said, "You should have that elevator. That apartment suits you. You love living there. With that chair lift you can spend the rest of your life in your beloved home." I protested that I would never be able to afford it. She said, "Go to and start a fund raiser." I resisted. Seemed like begging. She said not to be so squeamish. "People will  help you out. You'll see. They'll be happy to be of assistance."  So folks, here I am with my own very own Gofundme story. I will be more than grateful for any contribution you can afford.  My legs aren't getting younger so the sooner the better. Please help me get my elevator so I don't have to move into a dingy, small, cramped flat designed for old people.
  • Patricia Renfrow 
    • €10 
    • il y a 1 j
  • Diane Heather 
    • €50 
    • il y a 28 j
  • Tina Gaulocher 
    • €30 
    • il y a 1 mois
  • Eline Rootsaert  
    • €40 
    • il y a 1 mois
  • Maggie Kirby 
    • €10 
    • il y a 1 mois
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Suzanne White 
Draguignan (Var), France
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