Building a class for children in Arusha.

Tanzania Services Children Support (TSCS) is a small NGO located in Sinon, Arusha. Sinon is a low-income neighborhood on the outskirts of the city with a high crime rate and very poor living conditions. Many families here live in  single room mud houses where all household activities are undertaken. They do not have access to tap water and proper sanitization. Water for washing, showering, and cooking is being carried from distribution points every day. Life here is difficult, and therefore many parents do not have the time to spend with their children, which results in neglect.

TSCS was established in 2015 to provide basic education to local children aged from 3 to 6 years old. These children often lack appropriate supervision, necessary education, and medical care. Many of these children also suffer from protein-energy malnutrition (PEM), and are underweight. Malnutrition is a major public health problem in Tanzania and is responsible for up to 50% of under-five mortality. The East Africa region was also among the three United Nations subregions with the highest prevalence of stunting. TSCS helps these children to catch up with the rest of their peers, ensuring they are not left behind and can keep up with the other students once they enter primary school. TSCS is en route to become a daycare institution providing not only education but also one balanced meal per day to all of their students which, in these areas, is rare.

Unfortunately, this will not be possible without your help. TSCS is looking for financial aid for building a new classroom and communal eating area. The amount needed for construction and materials is €3000. Any remaining funds will be used for providing stationery to all the students and classroom equipment.
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    • €500 
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    • €200 
    • il y a 2 j
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    • €50 
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    • €100 
    • il y a 10 j
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    • €30 
    • il y a 11 j
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