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Update 18/12/2020:

Hello everyone!

I would like to inform you that this fundraising is officially CLOSED. We have surpassed the target. On behalf of Ariq's family and friends, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have participated in this fundraising to bring Ariq back to Indonesia.

For transparency with donors and GoFundMe community, this fundraising was created to help Ariq with medical bills at the beginning. I’m one of his closest friend and classmate in university while I was living in Krakow, Poland. Ariq was living there alone and I took care of him before I moved to France. When Ariq was sick, I witnessed his struggles and pain. 

Sadly, he passed away alone without havingthe chance to see his father when he arrived. This fundraising is my way and how I represent Ariq’s friends to help him and his family. 

We are currently in the process of withdrawing the fund. The fund will be disbursed to my partner’s (Artur Avril) bank account in EUR currency with the agreement from Ariq’s family considering it cannot be sent directly into the bank account in IDR (Rupiah) currency. Then, once the fund is received, we will send it directly to Ariq’s family in Indonesia.

The fund allocation will cover the cost for cargo expedition (Krakow-Warsaw, Warsaw-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Jakarta, Jakarta-Padang), plane tickets for his father, and burial ceremony in his hometown in Padang. Any amount left will be given to his family to deal with other associated expenses such as administration.

One week has passed since Ariq left and we are still devastated. However, in our hearts and minds, he is still with us. Ariq will be happy knowing many people care about him and share goodness for him, especially bringing Ariq back to his hometown for the last time.

Once again, we are eternally grateful for every single contribution from you. I hope your kindness will be reciprocated. Take care, everyone.


On the 12th of December 2020, we lost our dear friend Ariq. Ariq had been in the hospital since the beginning of October diagnosed with acute pneumonia. With the help of the doctors, he did his best to fight the disease but unfortunately, he lost the battle. Acute pneumonia was followed by abscess, sepsis and intracerebral haemorrhage. The latter caused his death. Due to Covid, none of us could visit him in the hospital, and as heartbreaking as it is, Ariq died alone: he did not make it to see his father’s arrival to Poland while he was awake. 


Ariq comes from a humble family that faces financial issues at the moment. In order to support this family and help them cover all the expenses, we have decided that this fundraising initiative would be directed to helping his family in this hard time. The collected money will cover a flight ticket back to Indonesia for his father, transportation of Ariq to Jakarta, transportation from Jakarta to Padang, burial and funeral ceremony. Any amount left will be left for his family to deal with other associated expenses such as administration. 


Ariq was full of life and joy. He had a good sense of humour, loved art and was always there to support all of us and was such a talented human being. Among many, singing, playing musical instruments and photography were his passions.


We are devastated by his death but we try our best to make sure that we help his family go through this hard time. While no money in the world could bring Ariq back, with your support, we will make sure that his family will be able to bring him back home and see him for the last final time.


For anyone who's reading this, first of all, thank you. Through this fundraising, we would like to raise funds for our beloved friend, Ariq.

Ariq, for those who know him well, he is a kind and humble person, has a very good sense of humour, he is the life of the party, and he is always willing to help his friends in need. He made sure that he put others first. 

He has always been energetic and healthy. Early October, it came to a surprise that he got sick and never expected that it would be this serious. Almost a month after Ariq was in a coma the exact cause of his hospitalisation was not clarified. 

At the beginning of November, he was conscious again and recovering. With our efforts, we were hoping that he would recover as soon as possible. Every day, us, his friends, provided support by telephone as none of us was allowed to personally visit him at the hospital, even though he had no relatives in the country to do so. 

While he is in the hospital, Ariq cannot be visited at all except by his family. Ariq has lived in Poland for about 4 years to continue his studies. He is a student in Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He is far from his family and he hasn't been able to return home in the last 2 years to Indonesia.

Ariq has been diagnosed with acute pneumonia. Due to this condition, surgery needs to be done. Since the surgery, all of Ariq’s friends are now facing a challenging moment while his health has been showing signs of deterioration. 

The hospital has released a letter to urge his family to come to Poland. Only then his father was able to come to the country and visit Ariq at the hospital due to many reasons, especially financial means. 

Ariq is treated in Szpital Gabriela Narutowicza, Krakow, Poland. The costs from the hospital and all the procedures done to save his life are expected to override the limits of his health insurance. 

Knowing that these costs would be much higher than the family could afford, we are asking for monetary support from our friends and community to support his family. Once the fund is collected, it will be handed over to Ariq’s family. 

We sincerely hope for all of your support during this devastating time, we want to make sure everything goes well for Ariq and as untroubled as possible for the family. We hope everyone can contribute and we know that Ariq would be eternally grateful for every help he can get right now. For your care and support, we thank you.

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