Support for Sara - from Bourg to Bordeaux

We're raising funds to help our amazing mate Sara, who's just welcomed a beautiful baby boy. This new chapter of her life will be  more costly and challenging than for most new mums, as Sara lost the use of her legs in an accident 2 years ago. Looking after a little one whilst in a wheelchair won't be easy, but with some adjustments to her home and buying the right equipment, it will overcome some of the obstacles. This is a way we can chip in and help.

Sleepless nights and being constantly knackered aside, we're sure she'll approach this exciting time with grace and good humour (as per). However it would be great if we could ease the financial burden so Sara, and her partner Youri, can enjoy the crazy ride they're about to embark on. 

And speaking of crazy rides... that's what we're doing! On May 31st, a team of pals from her old home town of Bourg St Maurice are cycling across the width of France to where she now lives in Bordeaux. That's over 800 km of tarmac and sore bums - and we've been training hard for it for months. Any cash donated will definitely ease our saddle sores and make it all worthwhile.

Your money will be spent directly on buying essential equipment and tweaking Sara's apartment to make looking after Naoki far easier, safer and enjoyable. From widening doorways and levelling out annoying ledges on the floor, to making the kitchen and nursery more wheelchair and baby friendly, this will make a huge difference to a girl we all love so much. We've seen first hand the hassle she is going through in order to secure funding and the struggle with sorting out any insurance payouts, so any donation is appreciated. 

Thanks so much in advance. Wish us luck!

Jemma, Rob, Caz, Indi, Jelle, Tracker and Ryan - The Bourgdeaux Cycling Team.


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