The Lyme Museum

The Lyme Museum is an online museum, community and multi-media platform with one aim: making the invisible visible. It gives a voice to individuals with invisible illnesses and disabilities, sharing stories, curating exhibitions, offering resources and supporting artists, with a shared aim to create a museum that makes invisible illnesses and disabilities visible.

The Lyme Museum came from a moment of realisation that museums, especially medical museum, rarely represent invisible illnesses and disabilities, and if museums want, as they claim, to represent the whole of the world, why have we been left invisible? 

Of course, it is a problem in society at large, the "but you don't look sick" phenomenon. And yet, we represent a huge proportion of society. We have a voice, stories to share, objects that help make it through, incredible resilience and tremendous creativity!

With The Lyme Museum, we are sharing blogs and stories written by community members, but also curating exhibitions, sharing interviews, collecting objects. In 2020, we fundraised to create a website, and in 2021, we need your help to sustain it, and to support the main additions and events we have planned.

In 2021, The Lyme Museum will:

- curate its first online exhibition, The Materiality of Invisibility, on the material culture of invisible illnesses. We have been hard at work collecting flat lays and researching histories of medical material culture. The exhibition will be live in the Spring.

- share interviews with leaders in museum inclusion, with insights and tips on how to make the cultural world, and the world at large, more inclusive. We have amazing people lined up!

- if Covid permits, have an in-person exhibition in the second half of the year at the tremendous Documentary Media Centre in Leicester, an incredible place with opportunities for recording, podcasting and objects display - check them out!

- sharing more stories and blogs written by our community and anyone who is an ally.

- commissioning artist works with a  fee, to support chronically-ill / disabled artists.

The Lyme Museum is entirely self-funded, run by volunteers and led by chronically-ill/disabled founders. We need your support to help with: website domain, website hosting, email costs, social media marketing, artist fees. The rest of the work, the many many hours we put into the creation of the website, the social media posts, the creation of the exhibition and the interviewing is done completely voluntarily. Why? Because we are incredibly passionate and committed to providing a platform for others and because we know first hand what it feels like to be left invisible.

The Lyme Museum is unique in its focus on the material culture of invisibility, and has a huge potential to show the world who we are, what we do, and how incredibly diverse and important our lived experiences are.

Please help us by donating money if you can, but also by sharing our work, by sharing your story if you wish, by getting in touch if you want to send objects, to give some hours of your time, by sharing resources & by helping us improve our accessibility and reach.

Love + light,

Dr Angela Stienne
Founder, The Lyme Museum
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