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200 $ sur un objectif de 20 000 $

2 personnes ont fait un don en 12 mois
Date de création : 27 septembre 2017
We are Buddy Tucker Association, Inc.  The Buddy Tucker Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization providing a radio pulpit for local and national Ministers. We are 100% Christian Radio.  WYND 1310 AM-DeLand, FL, WMOB 1360 AM-Mobile, AL and WTOF 1110 AM-Bay Minette, AL. You can listen to our station via the links on our website: http://www.buddytuckerassociation.org/

If you've listened to any of our three Christian Radio station's before then you probably already know the dire need for financial help. We have mentioned it on the air often but the amount of response has been lacking this entire year so far.  We are in need of a minimum of $20,000 to catch up with this year's deficit that occured from January up to this current time. 

Our survival depends on your financial contributions. We have a few very faithful monthly contributors but they can't do it on their own.  It will take everyone who supports Christian broadcasting to make it be known by helping with a financial gift. If you don't already listen to our  radio stations I encourage you to do so either with your radio (dial locations mentioned above) or  you can tune in through our streaming links via our website (mentioned above). I feel that if you will tune in and spend a little time with us that you will see how much we need Christian Radio and how much good it can bring to the listeners. We have so many wonderful Ministers and Bible Teachers. It would be a terrible loss if our radio stations were silenced.

All three of the radio stations mentioned above make up the Buddy Tucker Association. Your financial gift would benefit all three stations equally. Any funds raised will immediately go towards the bills and obligations that are in desperate need of attention in order to keep the equipment and the radio sations on the air. We desperatley  need immediate help and I pray that you will find this page and find it in your heart to give a financial gift and be a huge part of saving Christian Radio. No gift is to large, no gift is to small and every single person who will help is so appreciated and their gift's are so graciously accepted. Remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please click the link today and help us stay on the air and keep coming to you every day.
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We received our first donation to "Help Save Christian Radio"! God bless you and thank you so much! We are continuing to pray that the much needed support will start coming in very soon and this is a great start. Please share the link with your friends so that we can spread the word to as many as possible. Don't forget to visit our web page where you can tune into our radio station and listen to Christian Radio.
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200 $ sur un objectif de 20 000 $

2 personnes ont fait un don en 12 mois
Date de création : 27 septembre 2017
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Buddy Tucker Association Inc
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