Marta's Memorial Fund

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In July 2018, Marta Saint-James was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. This came out of nowhere, S4PC does not rear it's ugly head until it hits the Liver where it is often too late to treat. This was a big shock for Marta and her family but in typical Marta fashion, she was optimistic and we thought we were going to have at least another 6 months with her.  Well, GOD had another plan for Marta - on  Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 - Marta died peacefully with her Family by her bedside. 

Anyone that knew Marta loved her - especially dogs! Marta started the Gold Canyon DOG (Dog Owners Group) and has helped hundreds of people be reunited with their lost dogs through her website and organization. No matter where she was or what she was doing - she would drop everything to help! She was also a big advocate for the Pinal County Sheriff and AJPD K9 unit's. She raised money for ballistic vests, bite suits and heat sensors not to mention a Belgium Malonois K9 for the AJPD. Marta would do anything to help her dogs in service stay safe! 

Both Curt and Marta loved to fund raise and support Paws & Claws of Apache Junction. Their favorite event was "Santapaw's" where they would take photos of Dogs and their Humans for a donation to benefit Paw's & Claw's of AJ.

The family is asking that you do not send cards, food or flowers, instead we are asking that donations be made to Paws & Claws of Apache Junction. Once we hit our goal, Curt will present the check directly to Paws & Claws (Friends of Apache Junction) in Marta's memory. Paws & Claws uses the money to help with everyday expenses such as: Medical (Vet) expenses, Cat litter, Kitten and Puppy formula, Dog and Cat food, Paper Towels and Cleaning Supplies, not to mention advertising for adopt a pet and education.  By providing this donation to P&C, we can help carry on the good work for Marta - we KNOW that's what Marta would want! 

We, her family believe that Marta did not go to People Heaven, she went to Doggie Heaven. In our hearts and in our minds, she has crossed the rainbow bridge and has been reunited with her Golden's; Cody and Kramer.

Note: At the Family's request, Kimberly De Fino has opened and will maintain the "Marta Saint-James Memorial Fund" account with Bank of America. All funds donated from this GoFundMe donation page will be transferred and held in that account until we are able to present the check to Paw's & Claw's at Marta's Memorial which will take place sometime in January, 2019 in Gold Canyon Arizona.
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7 960 $ sur un objectif de 10 000 $

96 personnes ont fait un don en 28 jours
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