Help Paul Trouble beat Cancer

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Date de création : 21 août 2018
Loved worldwide by clubbers and DJ’s alike, DJ legend Paul Trouble Anderson was first diagnosed with cancer in his left lung in 2011.

After a major operation, he has been in remission for the past 6 years, but alas not pain free.

Tragically this summer after feeling unwell a CT and MRI scan discovered tumours in Paul’s brain and right lung.

In the past two weeks Paul has undergone an emergency operation to remove some of the tumour and reduce swelling and pressure to the brain, which will be followed by a course of radiotherapy.  Paul now needs to seek ongoing treatment with a specialist neuro-oncology team, as well as to ensure expert aftercare, physio and rehabilitation outside of the NHS.

We are aiming to raise as much as possible in order to fund his healthcare.

To do this he’s going to need our help.

Needless to say Paul may not be able to appear at most if not all of his scheduled performances.  However, he is determined to try and pre-record his regular Saturday show on Mi-Soul Radio to keep the good vibes flowing.

Please donate here to support Paul in his fight.

We all know it will take months until Paul is able to return to his previous form, but it is his full intention and our greatest wish that he gets back to doing what he loves doing best. With the support of his family, friends and community we can do this. It’s our chance to give something back to this very special man who has given us so much.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for any support you can give.
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Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

You will be pleased to know that whilst it feels like taking two steps backwards and 1 step forward it feels like we are making progress. 

Paul will be beginning a new and exciting course of medication next week and we will keep you posted... 

Please keep the love flowing.  Knowing that you care is proving to be a great tonic!

From Trouble - this is what radio therapy looks like on your Brain, Troubleman still a superhero, let's clean up the Universe together! 
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Sadly we found out yesterday that Paul's condition is not good at all.

We are researching alternative treatments as well.

Due to the placement and how aggressive the brain tumour is, it is affecting Paul's mobility and speach and he will need more help and care, we there for raised target, to help towards his care and we do not really know how much Paul will need.
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To each and everyone of you who has donated to help towards my care, A Troubsolutly heartfelt Thank you!

We have almost reached the target set, but as it was set lower than will probably be needed, we will keep page up as long as people are happy to keep donating and supporting.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Don't forget Troubletime every Saturday at 7pm to 9pm
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Can't thank you all enough for your good will messages and concern as well as your support. It is not time for Trouble yet it is TROUBLETIME!
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38 754 £ sur un objectif de 40 000 £

894 personnes ont fait un don en 2 mois
Date de création : 21 août 2018
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