For Traci Cromwell, Joy Came In 3's

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Date de création : 3 septembre 2018
For Traci and her husband Steve, “Joy in 3’s” came with the birth of their triplets, Matthew, Katie, and Alex.  That was big news not only amongst family and friends in Spokane, but across the country as well.  In their quest to seek out good wholesome news, the Today Show documented the story and aired it nationwide.  And, coincidentally, the Today Show hosts had the same first names as the famous Cromwell triplets!  What fun that was, and what a great beginning for what was destined to become a truly wonderful family.

            Yes, joy came in 3’s, but with this suddenly large new family, the demands and trials and tribulations of family life would now come in triplicate.  And the expenses! Both parents would have to work full time jobs in order to make ends meet.  Yet, in their typically positive style, Traci and Steve embraced the many challenges and established a family legacy of love and integrity.  That provided a good foundation for the triplets to grow into the remarkable young adults that they are today.  Actually, anyone who has ever met this family might say that joy came in 5’s, because they are all so much fun to be with and each one of them has a way of making your day a little brighter.

            Sadly, however, in contrast to all that was bright and good in the Cromwell family, darkness lurked nearby.  On August 25, 2018, with family at her side, Traci died of complications associated with non-smoker lung cancer.  Traci had known that she was in for the fight of her life, and one final wish she had was to see her children graduate from high school.  She didn’t quite make it; they will be seniors this year.

Traci Anne Cromwell was only 49, and death claimed her way too soon.  Although she will live on in her children, her husband, and all of us who knew her, it is a heartbreaking loss.  And with that comes the loss of a primary income.  There will now be unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs, unexpected bills, and then all the usual expenses that never go away while raising a family. How do you measure that in dollars, or assign a number to it?  We don’t think you can.  So, as a compromise, we are setting a goal of $9,999.  That amount represents $3,333 for each of the triplets and aligns with the spirit of “Joy in 3’s”.    If you wish to donate, you can carry that spirit forward with a donation that is a multiple of 3; e.g., $3, $6, $9, $33, etcetera.  But really, any donation in any multiple will be greatly appreciated.  The money will be used for expenses, such as those mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

Many have expressed a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty about how to support the family after the loss of their wife and mother.  We hope our GoFundMe page will give you an outlet to help, and that you will find comfort in having done so.  Thank you for reading our story and for caring.
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We just hit $7735 for Traci, Steve, Matthew, Katie, and Alex! That's awesome, and we continue to be so grateful for every dollar. We are close to breaking $8000. And, our stated goal of $9999 is really not that far away either. Both are achievable numbers, and we can almost reach out and touch the $8000 mark.

May your sharing find its way to others who have yet to hear Traci's story.

With appreciation,
Gary Benton
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Hello again Cromwell fans and supporters!

We launched Traci’s fundraiser on September 3rd, and received our first donation on September 4th. As of this update on September 16, we’ve had a total of 65 donors who have generously given a total of $6513. Many have also helped immeasurably by sharing the news of this campaign with others, either on social media or directly. We are grateful for every dollar, every share, and every effort. With that, it may be time now to think about bringing closure to this campaign. Reluctantly, all of us need to move on.

In the days following September 3rd, donations surged, peaked, and have now fallen off. Nevertheless, it might be reasonable to extend through the end of September. We are hearing that there are still people out there in our network who are going to donate. And, we are still trying to get the attention of the Today Show! It’s a moon shot, but the hope is that Today would be willing to use their reach and influence to help share the link to Traci’s GoFundMe page, as sort of a follow-up tribute to their wonderfully humorous 2001 Cromwell story. We’ve emailed, Facebooked, and Twittered them, along with Katie Couric and Al Roker. No response yet, so we could use some help with getting their attention. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, enjoy every day to its fullest. We all know the reasons why.
Gary Benton
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As of noon today, September 10, Traci's GoFundMe campaign has brought in $6,214! That's almost 2/3 of our $9,999 goal, and it was raised by only 59 donors! Thank you again for your contributions.

Traci, Steve, and the triplets have hundreds of friends and supporters. We have 59 donors. Is it reasonable to think that getting our total number of donors up to, let's say, 100 is achievable? I think it is. If enough of you agree, then we can do this.

So many of you have worked hard to spread the word around about this fundraiser, and so many of you have also donated. It's really asking a lot of you to continue with those efforts, but feeling the pinch of sacrifice is what true giving is all about. With the goal line coming into sight, let's not back off now!

Gary Benton
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Services for Traci were held today. The church was packed. White roses, white lillies, dasies, and pink chrysanthemums were everywhere. Love and admiration filled the air. It was beautiful inside that church. It was beautiful day outside the church too; warm, bright blue, and sunny. Yes, even the weather today captured Traci's spirit.

And, in case your missed it, The Spokesman-Review ran a wonderfully written story this morning. Look for it on the front page of the Northwest section. Many thanks to the Spokesman-Review.

I know we all miss her,
Gary Benton
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8 089 $ sur un objectif de 9 999 $

74 personnes ont fait un don en 19 jours
Date de création : 3 septembre 2018
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