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My brother, Jeff, is fighting for his life.

On Thursday, March 22, Jeff suffered a severe asthma attack which caused him to stop breathing. The actual cause of the attack is still unknown, but he has had a long history of suffering from asthma dating back to his early childhood.

It was a normal day for me. I was out at dinner and noticed a missed call from my mom.  When I called her back, she alerted me that Jeff had collapsed and unable to breathe.  

I rushed home just to find myself staring at emergency response vehicles. After 20 minutes of emergency CPR, we got a pulse which gave us hope that everything was going to be OK.

Once he was secured onto the stretcher, he was quickly transported to Evergreen Medical Center in Kirkland, WA, where he would receive emergency care.  Hours later, the doctor informed us that his heart had stopped beating a few times; once in the aid car and again after he arrived. CPR was administered each time.

Jeff was admitted to the ICU around 8:30pm that evening. The pulmonary doctor stated they would paralyze his body and administer hypothermia to cool his body from all the stress.

At 12:45AM, the attending physician updated us with Jeff's CT scan results of his brain and chest. His chest showed haziness and its cause was unknown, but stress from 30 minutes CPR, infection and inflammation may have been the major culprit.

Jeff's brain scan showed....what the physician stated at the time: “He won’t be the same person, if he wakes up from this.”  followed later with the statement, “I don’t want to say official results but from experience from past patients, results could possibly be brain dead”...  

We left the hospital at 3:30AM on Friday, March 23 where we were informed that for 24 hours, my brother would remain in the ICU under a medically induced coma under hypothermic treatment to keep his body from further damage.  

At midnight on Saturday, March 24, Jeff's blood pressure dropped to lower levels. The nurse noticed swelling and pressure in the head.  Another CT scan was preformed. Results indicated that his condition was worsening in comparison to the night before.  As described by the physician, a normal, healthy brain is ridged and bumpy, but the images of Jeff’s brain had the absence of any ridges and bumps; only smooth surfaces. This new malformation, according to the physician, is an indication of damage to the brain.

Around 6:00AM, they continued with the plan to warm his body and wean off the sedation meds to begin testing his motor functions/reactions, (essentially a baseline of where Jeff’s physical/mental status is). 

At this time, our family is asking for support and prayers from friends and family and all of those who's lives have been touched by my brother, Jeff. His current neurological state is still a major concern as his last eye exam indicated zero response.  Fortunately, his heart is beating strong ,which is an indication that he's fighting and not giving up so we refuse to give up as well. 

Donations from this fundraiser will go towards helping offset the costs of my brother's medical treatment.

Thank you on behalf of, 

Mildred Zante, Mother
Paterno Zante, Father
Jason Zante, Brother
Joven Zante, Brother
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Thank you all for those who could attend the Prayer Service this afternoon.

Update for Monday 4/9 following the Funeral/Burial service:

The Zante Family would like to invite everyone to the reception from 1:00-4:00 PM at:

Brightwater Center
32505 SR 9 SE
Woodinville, WA 98072

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Memorial Services for Jeff Zante:

Saturday April 7th, A Rosary Service will be held at Chapel of The Resurrection at 1 P.M. The family has decided to have Jeff Cremated but his Urn will be present.

Monday April 9th, Funeral Mass will be celebrated at Saint Teresa of Calcutta @ 11 A.M. After the Funeral Mass, we will have the graveyard service at the Woodinville Cemetery.

Thank you again for all the prayers and support during this difficult time.

Jeff’s Mom has requested for those who attend either days is to bring a photo of Jeff, that you may have of him, old or new. The photos will be saved as collage/scrapbook.

Chapel of The Resurrection - 4/7/18
16300 – 112th Avenue NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Saint Teresa of Calcutta - 4/9/18

Woodinville Cemetery
13200 NE 175th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072
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On behalf of the Zante Family: Uncle Pat, Auntie Mildred, Jason, & PJ

Our Cousin/Brother/Son Jeff Zante passed away on March 25, at 6:40 P.M. As most of you know, he suffered a heart attack on Thursday due to a severe asthma attack . Unfortunately, there was a time period where his brain did not receive adequate oxygen which resulted into irreversible brain damage. The cause of death is Brain Death.

Jeff was blessed to have all his family and close friends with him before he passed to say our last goodbyes. The Zante family would like to extend thanks to everyone who reached out, visited, and prayed for Jeff during his battle. Thankyou all for your prayers and generosity! Donations received here will go towards Jeff's medical and funeral expenses.

Memorial services information will be provided when available. Thank you and God Bless.
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13 360 $ sur un objectif de 15 000 $

128 personnes ont fait un don en 6 mois
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