MP Richard Benyon needs a bicycle.

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After being caught texting while driving Newbury MP Richard Benyon has been banned for six months.

MP Banned

Living in rural West Berkshire he now faces a difficult task commuting into London without a car. He will also find he is increasingly unable to get around his constituency as readily as before after the recent cuts to rural bus services in West Berkshire imposed by the Conservative led West Berkshire Council.

To ensure our hardworking MP can continue to be an effective voice for all his constituents the local Green Party have started a fundraising page to get Richard a bicycle to allow him to carry out his work both locally and in Parliament.

Chair of the West Berkshire Green Party Steve Masters said, " It is vital that Richard Benyon is able to carry on working and like his constituents he will clearly struggle after the cuts imposed in West Berkshire. To this end an eco-friendly bicycle seems to offer the best solution to this unfortunate situation." He added, " Losing ones license when it is central to your working life can be devastating for working people. Therefore any surplus monies raised above the cost of a secondhand bike from ebay will go to a local mental health charity here in Newbury. This will ensure people like Richard have the support they need when dealing with what must be a very stressful time."

The chosen  charity is Eight Bells for mental health.

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Hi everyone,

The campaign has been live for just over 36 hours and the response has been amazing.

Even our MP himself has made a donation.

Please continue to share the link and encourage your contacts to contribute to the Eight Bells cause.

Yesterday we held a coffee morning in Newbury and the members raised a couple of hundred pounds themselves. The generosity of people like you and the energy of our members is what keeps this vital service going.

Many of our members are directly affected by the changes to the benefit system and have need support at appeals and our brilliant coordinator and volunteers along with other members support and mentor those who are struggling.

So once again, thank you and Merry Christmas to you all.

Warmest regards

Steve Masters
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505 £ sur un objectif de 1 000 £

32 personnes ont fait un don en 9 mois
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